Ever wonder what goes on in an IRS business audit? Here you can find helpful information on how to prepare for the process and what to expect.

An IRS audit can be a scary and stressful procedure for most taxpayers. The list of horror stories of taxpayers who have undergone an audit goes on and on. It does not have to be this way.

The key to success in an IRS audit, or examination, focuses in on the taxpayer being prepared for the examination, or as prepared as possible, assessing your exposure and knowing what to expect and your rights as a taxpayer.

The IRS website provides a wealth of general information regarding IRS audits and your rights as a taxpayer.

Perhaps the most important right you have as a taxpayer is the right to professional representation. Obtaining representation by a tax attorney, certified public accountant or enrolled agent is not an admission of guilt. In fact, in almost every case, the IRS examiner would prefer to deal directly with a professional – one who knows tax law, accounting and is not necessarily emotional with regards to your tax return. One who is prepared for the examination, knows exactly what the IRS examiner is looking for and has taken the time to assess and document any positions you have taken, either correctly or not.