You can contact us by telephone, mail, email, fax or just plain chat on-line. Each page of this site contains this information in the left-hand column. In most cases, you will receive a reply immediately. In some cases, we may need additional time to reply, but will always reply within the same business day.

All in-person taxpayer consultations are done by appointment only. Call to schedule a time to speak with you by phone, or come to our office if you prefer.

There is no charge for your free tax evaluation. A free tax evaluation is limited to your first telephone conference. The specifics of exactly what this entails is detailed below. This is a valuable service as you will receive a professional assessment of your tax situation, how to correct it and what it will cost you. We cannot, however, provide specifics into the interpretation of tax law, how tax law applies to you or IRS procedure with this free service.  If you prefer to discuss these matters, you can call to arrange for these services and will be provided with a price-competitive fee beforehand.


Get Your Free Tax Evaluation

Get a FREE Tax Evaluation from one of our experienced Tax Relief Consultants and let us permanently solve your tax problem! Our FREE tax evaluation includes:

  • Getting more detailed information about you;
  • Understanding the specifics about your tax problem;
  • Making a determination to see if we can help you;
  • Preparing a structured tax resolution plan of how best to resolve your tax problem;
  • Providing you an agreement of the costs of our service;
  • Providing you with a timeline of how long this will take;

The minute you hire Taxpayer Resolution Services (TPRS), a licensed representative will take over all IRS communications.

  • You no longer have to deal with the IRS;
  • No more sleepless nights. No more worrying;
  • You can rest easy knowing that it will soon be behind you;
  • You owe it to your loved ones. You owe it to yourself;