What is Taxpayer Resolution Services?

Taxpayer Resolution Services is webblog devoted to the general discussion of federal tax matters and recent developments as it relates to the practice of problem resolution, examinations, collections and other matters of interest as it relates to the practice of tax problem resolution and professional representation by tax attorneys, certified public accountants and enrolled agents, licensed by the Internal Revenue Service.

Who Is Taxpayer Resolution Services?

Taxpayer Resolution Services is a division of Mitch Helfer, PA dba CPAMiami; a licensed certified public accounting firm since 2001. Mitch Helfer, PA is owned and operated by Mitch Helfer; a licensed, certified public accountant in the practice of certified public accounting since 2001. Mitch Helfer, managing partner, is a certified public accountant (CPA), licensed and registered in the State of Florida since 1991.

Why Hire Taxpayer Resolution Services (TPRS)?

Taxpayer Resolution Services is a team of highly-skilled IRS Problem Resolution Specialists. This is NOT your typical tax preparation firm!

  • Personal Attention – We are NOT a large, national tax resolution firm! You are NOT just another customer! We haven’t worked on thousands of cases, nor expect that we ever will. When you call on the phone you get a real person. You do NOT get a series of voice prompts telling you to dial 1 for this and 2 for that or to leave a message on a voice mail system. Your case is individually managed, from beginning to end, by a single individual from the very first phone call you make to us;
  • Highly-Trained Tax Specialists – You DON’T get Internet Marketers! When you call most advertised tax resolution companies, your case is handled by commissioned sales people.  When you call Taxpayer Resolution Services , you will speak with a highly-trained tax resolution specialist on your very first call ! Each caseworker receives extensive on-going training specific to IRS problem solving. We know the rules and procedures that the IRS follows and exactly how recent legislative changes will effect you.
  • Experienced, Full-Time, Dedicated Professionals – You get a team of full-time, dedicated tax professionals licensed to represent you before the IRS. Where other tax firms are often comprised of seasonal tax preparers, your case is handled by a full-time, tax professional with several years prior experience unique to IRS problem solving. This is NOT your typical tax preparation firm!
  • Competitive Pricing — One of the greatest obstacles to resolving your tax problems once and for all is the cost.  We offer real solutions at the most competitive pricing. We will not be undersold. We will beat all advertised prices. Payment plans are available in many cases where needed.
  • We Deliver Results  – Where other tax firms may promise you unrealistic settlements, we don’t take on cases we can’t win! Our success rate is IRS settlements is unparalleled! Even if you’ve been unsuccessful before now, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you. We’ve often been successful where other Companies have failed. Don’t waste a lot of time and money hiring the “wrong” tax problem resolution firm.  Get it right the first time!
  • Immediate Action – You get immediate action to resolve your tax problems. Once you hire us, you no longer have to deal with the IRS. From the minute you hire us, all IRS matters will be directed to us.  IRS representative will no longer contact you and will refer to us on all matters.
Get a “free” analysis of what you’ll need to do and what it will cost you.

What are the professional affiliations of the firm or its members?

Finding the “right” Company or representative to help you is a difficult choice. Credible taxpayer resolution firms will always be registered members of both the BBB and other professional affiliations. We are proud members of the highest rated organizations of these types.